A collection of sketches showing how I work on paper when thinking through a problem, communicating an idea, or building a fictional world.


Keeping a sketchbook is a habit I've had for as long as I can remember. I love the idea of giving form to someone's

thoughts, and keeping a sketchbook is a great way of doing that, while creating an interesting artifact. I use sketching as a tool for thinking through problems, exploring ideas, illustrating said ideas, and keeping a record of what I've been working on or thinking about. I put together the following pages to show how I use my sketchbook in different contexts and to give you a look into this part of my design process.

Strangers RESCAN
behavioral systems
Mind Map
Experience Design
Worldbuilding systems
Game Concepts
game systems
worldbuilding 3
installation concept
Ecosystem Map
Worldbuilding 2
game systems strangers
Game Concepts 2
Card Game